Who we are

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FabLab Romagna (FLR) is a Associazione di Promozione Sociale  with the aim to find contact points among students, makers and companies and to promote creativity .

It is the first FabLab born in the Italian public school, the result of a collaboration between teachers of the IIS “Pascal-Comandini” in  Cesena and the ITTS “Belluzzi – da Vinci” in Rimini. They wanted to exploit the skills gained in a career of teaching in a concrete and useful thing for the professional growth of their students.

FabLab Romagna is formed with laboratories called makerspaces, born from the agreements stipulated with the respective schools or Municipalities.

The agreements with other schools that want to apply this model, however, are always open.

The current laboratories are located in Cesena, Rimini and Santarcangelo di Romagna and have digital production equipment such as 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines, computers, microcontroller boards, but also lathes and electronic devices to create printed circuits. There are many technological tools in these significant technical institutes of the Romagna area. These resources are available to students and teachers of the school but also to external persons for the realization of their projects.

The main activities are concentrated in the production of software and in the creation of circuits for everyone’s projects, in the use and design of 3D printers, in the design and printing of 3D objects using both PLA and ABS.

Some examples of projects completed in FabLab Romagna are: Robot, Home Automation System, LED Cube, but also different applications for the Internet of Things (IoT) and much more.

All this in an Open Source, Creative Commons sharing of ideas, skills and mutual aid.

Fablab Romagna reverses the roles between teacher and student by creating new ways of mutual exchange of skills to achieve a common goal in a perspective more similar to a development team.

FabLab Romagna adopts “The Fab Charter” of the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

FLR moves inside the school and out of the school, activating synergistic contacts essential for the growth of school and society.


Aster – Mak-ER: FLR is co-founder with the main regional fablabs with which it collaborates.

Maker Faire: European (Rome) and National (Trieste – Rimini).  At the first edition of the RBMMF, FLR participated directly in the organization and management of the same.

In this context, a collaboration was made with MakeRN and with Blunautilus.

FLR activated a collaborative project between FLR and Cesena Lab, an incubator and business accelerator, linked to the university and the Municipality of Cesena.

MAMP Project (Montessori Additive Manufacturing Project) FLR for AS 2016-2017 and AS 2017-2018 with Rotary Club Cesena and Rotary International: project that promotes the use of latest generation equipment and a large series of training courses aimed to teachers, students and makers.

The cooperation with Confartigianato Cesena: contact with the craft world and economic support given to FLR.

FLR  with Confartigianato are training institutions for the management of the ASL (Alternanza Scuola Lavoro) of high schools in the Romagna area.

A collaboration is active with Confindustria Romagna and several 3D printing courses have been opened.

FLR  from 2018 to 2022 takes part and collaborates as an official contributor to the event to  the preparation of the School Maker Day in Bologna.

FLR took part in the COGITO Project in  the Carducci Primary School in Cesena: carried out in collaboration with teachers of the 3° Circolo Didattico school, university professors (Prof. Alessandro Ricci and Angelo Croatti, DISI, University of Bologna, Cesena), Laura Tarsitano (referent Criad Coding ), ITT Pascal Cesena students.

He has activated collaborations with the Carducci school (specifically at the new Li2lab environment), with the Second Degree Secondary School “Viale della Resistenza” in Cesena and ITT Pascal Cesena, to create school-work alternation courses.

Opening weekly afternoon Makerspace Rimini, Cesena for training activities with boys and girls or outdoor presentations (visitors, external schools, etc.).

Collaboration with creative school activities or innovative teaching for the realization of projects.